Our Team

Mike Hickey

Mike Hickey is a part owner and the President at Dream Kitchens and Renovations. He is the Big Boss Man and also goes by Mr. Awesome! Mike does all of the ordering for our beautiful custom cabinets and is the brains behind our operation. When he's not working, you can find Mike hanging out with his kids or having dinner at his mom's.

Gary Noftall

Gary Noftall is a part owner and Director at Dream Kitchens and Renovations. He is the money man and in charge of the bank account. His business savvy is what keeps us in the green. When Gary isn't working, you can find him running errands for his mom or at his cabin.

Krista Pippy

Krista Pippy is a part owner and the Director of Sales and Design at Dream Kitchens and Renovations. She has been designing custom cabinetry for so many years she'd prefer if we didn't tell you, in case it made her sound old. Krista is a wiz at cabinet design, she can find function in any awkward space. Krista is also a bestselling author on Amazon for her book "Beyond Design: Complete Kitchens." When she isn't working, you can find her running around town with her 2 teenage girls (did we just give away her age?). She finds peace on the lake rowing, but her real happy place is curled up on the couch with a big o'l glass of wine.

Andrew Foley

Andrew Foley is our Renovation Manager here at Dream Kitchens and Renovations. He has been building homes and completing renovations for over 12 years. With a diploma in Carpentry from Academy Canada and 6 years of site superintendent experience, he has the knowledge and know-how to ensure you have a carefree renovation. When he isn't running the show in our renovation department, you can find him running after his little ones and spending time at his family's cabin.

Christine Brown

Christine Brown is one of our designers. She comes with 18 years of experience designing and selling custom cabinets and is sure to make all of your cabinet dreams a reality. When she isn't designing cabinets, you can find her at the Bingo Hall always on the hitch or spending time with her precious grandkids.  During the warmer months, Christine enjoys jeep excursions, the cabin life and all of the outdoor adventures that come with it.